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Questions to Reflect on When Considering a Job

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Three questions to reflect on when you\'re considering a new job opportunity.

  1. Will I be solving problems that interest me?
  2. Will I be in a supportive environment?
  3. Will I be earning enough to be comfortable?

If your answer is \"No\" to any of the above, then keep working on yourself until the right opportunity arises because:

  1. If the problems don\'t even remotely interest you, you won\'t be able to sustain your enthusiasm after the initial new-job-honeymoon-period is over.
  2. If you\'re going to be in a non-supportive environment, you\'ll probably spend more time and effort on irrelevant problems.
  3. If you\'ll be struggling to pay your bills or support your family, you won\'t have the mind-space to focus on the problems you\'ve been assigned.